'LIVING YEAST' is Innovative SYNBIOTICS Products

Synbiotics is the ingestion of probiotics and prebiotics together. In addition to protecting the health of the stomach, it is thought that the function strengthening the original strength of the body can be further enhanced.

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lineup of 'LIVING YEAST'
  • TOTAL SALES PACKETS 150,000,000

The foundation of health - "Intestine"

lineup of 'LIVING YEAST'

There are battles between "Probiotics" and "Destructive fungus" in human internal environment.Many people are under the weather and subject to diseases when destructive fungus is in the lead.

'Living Yeast' is a product manufactured with 100-year-history and professional technics by Nikkenkyo Service Co., Ltd., since 1973.


"Kōbo - Yeast", we often hear in bread making etc., exists in every part of the natural world and is a wonderfully nutrient-rich microorganism.
It contains high-quality protein, vitamin B group, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, for instance.

  • 1915
  • 1962
  • 1972
  • 2008
  • 2015
  • The leading researcher of "yeast research" in Japan

    The developer of ‘Living Yeast’, Mr. Kiyoshige MIZUTANI, was Maruki Head Store Corporation, Ex-Representative Director and President. He received Academia Prize from The Academic Society of Japan in 1962, because of the contribution of yeast field and low protein study for human health.

  • Numerous achievements in yeast development

    Mr. Kiyoshige MIZUTANI produces proprietary manufacturing method to cultivate viable bacteria yeast = microorganisms and make them dry yeast. From the Japan College of Japanese Education, he was awarded the Accademia Award, recognizing that he contributed to the health of the people.

  • Passion and technology to the next generation

    Mr. Kiyoshige MIZUTANI took succeeded in his passion of yeast and his unique technology as well as special method, which no-one had had and known, to the current CEO, (Mr.) Norio KANESUGI.

  • Push out the power and possibilities of yeast

    Generally, it is regarded as impossible for yeast to reach intestine due to strong acid (stomach acid) and body temperature, for instance. However, Nikkenkyo Service Co., Ltd. has the know-how that enables yeast to reach intestine. This know-how is named 'Vital Coating Method®'. Additionally, the main ingredient of 'Living Yeast' is 'Kanesugi Dry Yeast (NK-1)®', which is created by this method.

  • 100th anniversary of development

    In 2015, we celebrated our product development of 'Living Yeast'. Also, we really appreciate that we have counted the total 'Living Yeast' sales is now over 150 million sales in 2017. 88% of our customers are satisfied with its quality and its particularity according to our questionnaire. We are grateful for the current achievement and appreciate it to the customers; however, we will make much effort to the next development.


1.Suppression of Blood Glucose Elevation

For subject who are susceptible to rise of glucose, the blood glucose level at 60 minutes after glucose loading demonstrated a significant decrease. Furthermore, the blood insulin profile in the oral glucose tolerance test, after test food consumption, there was a significant diminish of the insulin level.

Suppression of blood glucose level by ingestion

2.Immune Strength Enhancement

After 'Living Yeast' consumption, it was proved that the yeast remained viable after passing through the gastrointestinal tract. Moreover, with regard to the impact of the test food on immune function, there was a substantial increase of antibody production, with elevation of the levels of IgG, IgA, IgM, as well as an increase of complement components C3 and C4, for example. Specifically, there was a significant decrease of AST from 22 ± 1 IU/L before consumption of yeast to 20 ± 1 IU/L after consumption and ALT from 24 ± 1 IU/L before consumption of yeast to 19 ± 2 IU/L after consumption (both p<0.05).

Increase of cellular immunity

3.Effects of Intestinal Regulation

At completion of the study, subjects were asked to rate the effects of 'Living Yeast', a total of 12 subjects (86%) responded either “I think it was effective” or “I think it was somewhat effective”.

Increase in stool frequency (times / week)

4.Well Trained Anti-acidity Product

'Living Yeast' has a broad pH range of fermentation and proliferation, which is between pH 1.5 - pH 10. It holds the ability to tolerate strong acid (optimum pH: pH 4 - pH 6).


5.Inclusion of 35 kinds of Nutrients

Abundant beauty nutrients: 12 kinds of vitamins, 15 kinds of amino acids, 5 kinds of minerals, 2 types of nucleic acids and a dietary fiber are contained in total.

inclusion of 35 kinds of nutrients

6.Carbohydrates Decomposition Power of ‘Living Yeast’

‘Living Yeast’ eats and decompose carbohydrates, as well as change it into water, carbon dioxide, alcohol, and acetic acid in the last.

Experiment shows Chronological change of the power of ‘Living Yeast’

  1. 工程1

    Ready hot water, approximately 40℃. Melt and steer 10g of sugar. Add 1 pack of ‘Living Yeast’ (2.2g).

  2. 工程2

    Several minutes later, small bubbles come up, which is the sign to start fermenting.

  3. 工程3

    Yeast degradants carbohydrates (sugariness).

* This experiment does not indicate the results in the human body by per-oral ingestion.

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